The Jungle Book – A book review by Joseph Galea

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The Jungle Book by Jessica Galea

The Jungle Book by Jessica Galea

My favourite book is called The Jungle Book by Random House Disney. I read it during the holidays and I liked it a lot.

The book is about a boy called Mowgli who grows in the jungle.  He has lots of adventures and he loves his life in the jungle. However one day he is told that he must go live in the Man-Village. In the story we meet lots of unforgettable characters like Bagheera, the wise panther and Baloo, the lovable,  happy-go-lucky bear. 

The story is very nice and interesting and  it has lots of colourful pictures.


The Three Elves- A book review by Mirane Mifsud

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The Three Elves by Maria Bella Muscat

The Three Elves by Maria Bella Muscat

Hi! My name is Mirane and I have just read this special book called ‘The Three Elves’ by Anne De Silva. It has three stories.

The first story which is called ‘The Three Elves’ is about a girl, who sent a letter to Santa Claus. Santa wanted to give her a very special present. The elves worked on this special gift and when on Christmas Eve, Santa gave her the present, the little girl felt very happy for she got what she wished for.

The second story is called ‘The Messy Boy’. It is about a boy who didn’t like to clean up his own mess. A boy named Wis Brain took the boy to a special place and something happened. At the end, the boy learned a lot from his experience with Wis Brain.

The third and last story is called ‘The Girl Who Told Lies’. It is about a girl named Kuwanee. She stole a lot of things and lied to everyone. However, one day she was caught red-handed by someone who revealed the truth. At the end of the story she became a very honest girl.

I hope you will read this book so that you will get to know all the stories. Happy Reading!:)

The BFG – A review by Mark Busuttil

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The BFG - by Christian Chircop

The BFG - by Christian Chircop

Hi! It’s Mark. I have just read The BFG by Roald Dahl. It is very interesting and funny too.

The BFG is a giant. He is a Big, Friendly Giant and he lives in the Giant Country. He is the only giant who does not eat children like all the other giants. He is a kind-hearted giant and he made friends with Sophie. Together they had lots of adventures for the BFG set out to rid the world of the Bloodbottler, the Fleshlumpeater, the Bonecruncher and other six nasty giants.

This book is a must read and will thoroughly enchant you. I really enjoyed reading it.

Our Class

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Our Class

Our Class

Hello and welcome to our blog. We are the students from Year 6B. We are a group of nineteen children, ten girls and nine boys, attending the St. Nicholas, Primary School at Dingli. Our class teacher is Ms. Sandra Abela. 

In this blog we are going to write some interesting reviews about our favourite books. We hope you will enjoy reading these reviews and that we will interest you in reading the actual book.

Anyone who reads our blog is more than welcome to leave a comment. Please leave comments and let us know who you are. It is always interesting to see who is tuning in for our news.